Shayne & Karly - 07.26.14

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Since this was my first wedding and I could barely narrow down the photos I wanted to share...I won't ramble on with an a big long intro. I'll let the pictures and the love and happiness that shines through them speak for themselves. What a beautiful day.

Hair: Carmene Jubinville
Cake: Kathy Bowtell
Wedding Rental: Piece of Cake Wedding Planning/Rentals
Second Shooter: My beautiful, awesome, and amazing mom. Cindy Dyjur. 


  1. amazing awesome work hopie!!!!!

  2. Oh my god! These are goals! This is a perfect wedding. I can’t get enough of it. Everything is so good. I will also look for an event space Chicago like this. Who is the planner of this wedding? I really want this planner. The seating, the place, the photography. It’s breathtaking. And I am in love with her wedding gown, it is gorgeous.