Our Last Day of 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I love hearing about the wonderful year everyone has had and their opptomistic goals for 2014. Although I'm sure this is a common problem, I found I made a handful of goals last year and ended up falling back into my old ways after a month. This year I am only picking two things and will really strive to make them happen. Here are the two: 1. Be more positive - A friend of mine said she tried not saying a SINGLE negative thing for one day. Hmm, one day? Sounds pretty easy to me. Once I tried it though I found out how negative I really am. Not necessary with big things but tons of small trivial things. And 2. Get out of my comfort zone and learn new things with photography. Guess what. . .so far I have 4 weddings this summer! Luckily I get to have the pressure-free job of being a second shooter for 3 of them but I only did one last year and it was a very unique learning experience. I think that those 4 weddings alone will help me with my second goal a great deal.

Here are some of my favourite shots from this past year. I have such wonderful clients, so fun to work with! Be sure to contact me to book an appointment.

Enjoy your last day in 2013 and I wish you all a wonderful new year. 


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